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18 Nov 2019

Sarens Assists Santa Rosa on Mexican Cemex Tepeaca Plant

Sarens is pleased to announce its involvement in the construction of the Cemex Tepeaca plant in Puebla, Mexico. Sarens has been on site at the cement plant since July 2019 and will continue to be involved with the project through March of 2020.

In all, seven personnel are working with the LG-1550 SDBW, AC-1200, and AC-200 to perform simple lifts of the plant structures and cement silo, handling weights of 82 tonnes, 40 tonnes, and 35 tonnes, as well as more than 100 picks.

Rigging for the project involved 18 platforms and required four days of work. Because the ground on site had not been settled, Sarens assembled the crane eight meters farther than initially planned.

Despite the challenge of a few windy days, reduced working area, and a busy job site, Sarens has been able to plan and begin executing a smooth operation, using top-notch equipment and working under strict security protocols at the plant.

“This client in particular is happy and satisfied with our work,” says Project Manager Ricardo Nieto.

“Sarens surprised me in all possible ways on site,” says client Norberto Cortes. “The attitude of the team, performance and good condition of the cranes, and the great attention and quick response to all of our needs so that things could happen on time.”

Sarens thanks  to everyone involved in this important project!

Source Sarens

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