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16 Mar 2021

Sarens Assist Huisman on Saipem Constellation Upgrade Lifting 508t Mast

The 508t mast was lifted onto is final position

Sarens was commissioned by their client Huisman to assist with the up-gradation of their pipelay crane vessel – the Saipem Constellation.

Saipem Constellation is a pipelay crane vessel that was built in 2014 and Huisman had been contracted for an upgrade of the offshore mast crane on the Saipem Constellation. The upgrade will allow the company to increase the squeeze accuracy and to reach further with larger loads thus giving them an edge in the industry.

Working in in Schiedam, the Netherlands, the Sarens team had to plan the project according to the tide and synchronizing with the quay crane provided by the client for tailing the mast. The team decided to deploy the LR11350 to lift and install the mast and the SPMTs to transport the mast.

Sarens successfully performed the installation in three phases:

  • In August 2020 Sarens performed the mast removal with LR11350 and transport inside the workshop of Huisman for re-enforcement of the mast. (Weighing 436t)
  • In November 2020 the mast was transported from workshop to the quay side AND mast re-installation on the Saipem Constellation (Weighing 465t)
  • Immediately afterwards the mast was lifted onto is final position (Weighing 508t)

According to the Project Manager, Bram Van Overwalle, “We were performing lifts with an onshore crane to an offshore vessel. The offshore vessel was under the influence of the tide thus limiting the time frame allowed to complete the lifting activities. Even during the lifting activities, the crane had to follow the movement of the tide.” He adds, “We want to thank the client and their team which smoothly coordinated with us with their tailing crane and helped in timely and safe installation of the mast.”

Source Sarens

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