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31 May 2019

Sarens Arrives in Bristol en route for Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant

Sarens launched the SGC-250 (Sarens Giant Crane – 250) at the port of Ghent, in Belgium in November 2019. Sarens SGC-250, the largest and the mightiest crane in the world in both size and capacity, has a maximum load moment of 250.000TM, allowing it to lift an astonishing 5.000T. Even at a larger radius of 100 metres, it can lift an amazing 2.000T. SGC-250, designed in-house, has the most unique ability in the global crane industry to relocate the fully-rigged crane on site from one lifting position to another. The crane has two sets of wheels: one for slewing 360° and one for travelling. The second set is hydraulically retractable and is pushed out whenever the crane needs to travel.

The SGC-250 will execute its first project in the UK, playing a key role in supporting the construction of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station – currently the UK’s largest and most complex civil engineering project. Hinkley Point C is a vital piece of infrastructure for the UK, supplying 7% of the country’s low carbon electricity whilst also creating some 25.000 employment opportunities throughout the construction phase. The SGC-250 will help the Hinkley Point C team deliver increased efficiency by lifting and shifting the station’s heaviest pre-fabricated components. The machine is planned to lift more than 600 pieces of pre-fabrication, including the five major parts of each unit’s steel containment liner and dome.

The SGC 250 has reached the Bristol Port, UK ahead of its delivery to the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant. For transport, the unit was divided into modules and shipped to Avonmouth Dock. It will be stored at the port until it makes the short onward journey to the construction site in Somerset. The Bristol Port plays a muster point for Hinkley and is a key hub in the logistical supply chain for one of the largest building projects in Europe.

Bristol Port has invested in new cranes to meet the ongoing demands of the Hinkley Point C development. It has also earmarked land for the storage of abnormal indivisible loads that are too big to move on the motorway network – these units will be barged to the project site.

Source Sarens

A video of the SGC 250 on launch day in the Port of Ghent last November made by HeavyLift Specialist Richard Krabbendam published on last year is linked below.

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