Sarens Place 90m High Flag Pole in Kazakhstan – Heavy Lift News
19 Aug 2019

Sarens Place 90m High Flag Pole in Kazakhstan

Featured Title photograph: the Base of the 90m flag pole in Atyrau, Kazakhstan under preparation –  courtesy of the Atyrau region Akimat


A 10m long section of the flag pole being lifted into place – Sarens

Sarens recently erected a 91-metre tall flagpole in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, on behalf of client Kastador LLP. The installation began on June 6th, 2019 and was completed by June 16th, 2019.

To raise the flagpole, Sarens deployed the LR 1350-1 crane, which was assembled in the city centre to a configuration of LN 60m + 42m, with a lift radius of 22 metres. The working area was elevated three metres above ground, and the client had built a ramp with a six-degree incline so that the crane could crawl along it to reach the installation area.

Two crane operators and three riggers worked together to successfully install the flagpole. Over the course of five days, Sarens lifted nine separate pieces, each measuring 10 metres long.

The project was completed successfully despite challenges transporting the crane to the job site, and then assembling it. The crane was moved to the site from the Sarens yard, and transport took seven days due to traffic and truck prohibitions inside the city. Assembling and dismantling the crane also required two days.

Sarens would like to congratulate everyone who was involved in making this project a success.

The flag pole is is situatated in the 112m² area of ​​state symbols. The size of the flag will be 14.5 by 29 meters. Behind it a marble bay window composition – a map of Kazakhstan, a bronze panther and a colonnade – will be located. It also provides for the construction of two illusory fountains, which will be located on both sides of the structure, lighting and landscaping on 2 hectares of land.

Source Sarens and Akimat of Atyrau City



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