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1 Apr 2020

Sapura Fabrication Weighing and Load-out by Sarens

Sarens has always been the reference when it comes to handling challenging loads. Sapura Fabrication Sdn. Bhd. commissioned Sarens to carry out the weighing and load-out of the 12,060t Pegaga CPP jackets in Lumut, Malaysia.

The jacket is the first one being transported for Mubadala Petroleum. Sarens was responsible for weighing and load-out (skidding, ballasting, and barge monitoring during the operation).
Their team surveyed the entire site and recorded client specifications before preparing for the load-out. Based on the results their engineering team designed the operation with latest drawings and calculations.

They decided to deploy 600t digicells with 800t weighing jacks, 4 x 588t strandjacks, 20 submersibles pumps, barge monitoring system, and 6 winches 50t.

The jacket, measuring 190m in length and 77m in width and weighing 12,060t, was safely skidded to the final position in about seven hours. Weather and tide conditions posed a challenge but the Sarens team prepared different ballast calculations based on the date and tide variations to make sure the project was executed in the given time frame.

According to the Operations Manager, Stephane Tradigo, “The time between the awarding of project and date of execution was very tight. We had to speed up our engineering, preparation of equipment. Delivery of strandwires become an issue, but it has been managed locally with the support from our clients. The team worked in coordination and was safely able to complete the operation”.

Source Sarens

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