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28 Feb 2019

Salvage plan changed due to weather

The following press release from the Norwegian Ministry of Defence was issued at 09.29  yesterday Wednesday 27 February

Moving the place of lifting  due to the weather

Due to excessive swell, KNM “Helge Ingstad” is to be moved today (Wednesday) from the casualty site to Hanøytangen, where there is less swell.

Today(Wednesday), BOA, the company in charge of the salvage operation,  has chosen to change the location for the raising further the frigate KNM “Helge Ingstad”. The reason is that an increase in the swell is expected at the casualty site, which increases the risk factor.

Initially, the frigate should be drained and raised at the casualty site, prior to transportation to Haakonsvern. Now, KNM “Helge Ingstad” is to be moved to Hanøytangen on the west side of Askøy – about 15 nautical miles southeast of the casualty site. Better weather conditions are forecast at this location.

“We see that even a minor move south in Hjeltefjorden reduces the risk of unfavourable sea state conditions considerably,” says Salvage Leader Anders Penna of BOA, the company responsible for the planning and implementation of the actual lifting operation.

Drainage and completion of the salvage operation will continue a when the KNM «Helge Ingstad» is in place at Hanøytangen.

The new operation means that the frigate is made fast to the two crane barges “Gulliver” and “Rambiz”, so that they and KNM “Helge Ingstad” become one single unit. Tug boats will then tow the barge and the frigate together to the Hanøytangen.

The tow  will take place very slowly, and can take up to 24 hours. It is currently uncertain when the barges and KNM «Helge Ingstad» will leave the casualty site.

“But this can happen already this morning,” (Wednesday morning) according to Penna.

Measures to prevent oil spills

Environmental initiatives will be initiated and all parties are informed of the alternative lift plan.

“The tow will follow a fixed route down to Hanøytangen,” explains Penna.

While under tow, vessels with appropriate equipment will follow behind the tow to catch any oil spills. Environmental considerations will be in force at the new lift location.

During the night of Tuesday / Wednesday  divers attached the last four lifting chains to KNM «Helge Ingstad». On Wednesday morning, the Navy personnel have been boarding the frigate to start the job of pumping water out of the vessel.

The personnel work both on deck and inside the frigate – among other things it is necessary to open doors and bulkhead inside the vessel to get pumped out enough water. The personnel are also equipped with GOPRO cameras that will document what it looks like on board. The material should then be handed over to the police and the casualty Commission.

Photograph taken at 08.00 0n Wednesday morning by NRK

Source Royal Norwegian Navy

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