Salvage Operation by Fagioli with Crawler Cranes and Barges – Heavy Lift News
6 Dec 2021

Salvage Operation by Fagioli with Crawler Cranes and Barges

After months of challenging salvage operations executed by Fagioli to remove the six sections of the Berkan B wreck, the last section of the wreck to be lifted is eventually on the barge with the other sections heading to the final destination in Piombino .

The demanding removal operations were performed by means of crawler cranes and barges with dedicated studies and interventions concerning environmental matters and the safeguard of the marine environment. After all the years that the Berkan B wreck has been laying in the water, it has been almost impossible to calculate the actual weight of the sections. For instance, on the original drawings the last part, the stern section, was supposed to weigh 500t. But when Fagioli lifted this last and most impressive lift, the actual load turned to be about 800t and eventually needed three crawler cranes, positioned on a barge, to remove this most demanding wreck section.

This has been an impressive performance executed by the Fagioli team, safely following all the environmental matters required for an operation such as this one.




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