Salvage Halted by Weather - Helge Ingstad Update – Heavy Lift News
8 Jan 2019

Salvage Halted by Weather – Helge Ingstad Update

A photograph taken by the Norwegian Navy earlier in the salvage operation with the Rambiz on location. Photograph – Royal Norwegian Navy

Date 8 January 2019

The bad weather has halted the salvage operation work on the KNM “Helge Ingstad”.

The crane barges and diving vessels are moored at Hanøytangen and their crew are training and preparing for when the eventual salvage operation can get under way again.

On Sunday, before the weather worsened, conditions had been good, and work on placing the lifting chains had progressed over the last weekend, with 2 more chains being placed in position.

The Navy reported that “Rambiz” was moored beside the vessel and was working together with divers to draw the latest lifting chains under the hull. The conditions are cramped under wreckage and it is challenging work while the safety of those involved in the work has the highest priority. This has made it difficult to estimate the time needed to complete the preparation stage, getting the chains under the vessel.

Source Royal Norwegian Navy

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