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18 Sep 2023

SAIPEM’s Flatfish – New Technological Frontier for Subsea Operations – Video

FlatFish is the revolutionary drone for advanced underwater inspections which aims at inspecting and monitoring complex subsea infrastructures in an innovative and safe manner, from shallow waters down to 3,000mwd. It is designed, industrialised and manufactured by Saipem based on a research and development cooperation agreement signed under the ANP levy program initially between Shell Brasil and Senai CIMATEC.


The drone features an advanced AI-based control system and navigation features combined with state-of-the-art inspection capabilities: FlatFish is equipped with the most advanced sensing and monitoring devices enabling functionalities such as underwater pipeline and riser autonomous inspection, subsea data harvesting, contactless monitoring of cathodic protection systems. The drone can be operated by a flying-hanging garage for launching/recovering or be permanently subsea resident for recharging and programming. Recently, FlatFish underwent tests executed off the Brazilian coast with the support of Shell Brasil, Senai CIMATEC and Petrobras, via a JIP, reaching a depth of 1,800 m.


FlatFish is part of the Hydrone platform, a ground-breaking subsea robotics program conceived to support remote, vessel-free operations conceived to reduce costs, risks and environmental impact of offshore activities (90% fewer CO2 emissions compared to conventional ROV services).

FlatFish is the winner of 2023 Spotlight on New Technology Award by Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).




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