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7 Jun 2021

Saipem on World Environment Day

On Saturday, 5 June, World Environment Day (WED) Saipem released the following announcement.

Saipem has been participating in World Environment Day celebrations for over 10 years, engaging all Saipem sites and projects around the world on this occasion to renew and spread awareness about caring for the environment among employees, their families, and friends in any possible area of influence.

Thanks to Saipem’s WED initiatives, we have seen a massive and genuine involvement of our people worldwide, and we have had the possibility to appreciate many different sensibilities.

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is “Ecosystem Restoration”. An ecosystem’s interaction between living organisms with their surroundings support every form of life on Earth.

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Science teaches us that only a healthy ecosystem can help end poverty, combat climate change, and stop the collapse of biodiversity. The current pandemic is showing how a change in terms of ecosystems, biodiversity and climate, has tangible consequences here and now, not just in a distant future.

Saipem’s operations interact with a variety of different natural environments, many of which may be sensitive. At Saipem we are conscious that all our activities have an impact on the environment, and we are constantly engaged in seeking solutions to reduce this impact.

We are deeply committed to using the best sustainable technologies and know-how in terms of management system expertise and operational practices to guarantee safe and responsible operations, and protect the natural environment and local communities, especially when it comes to operating in harsh, remote, and exceptionally challenging situations.

We are aware of the strict connection between the health of ecosystems and major environmental issues, such as Green House Gases and air emissions, energy efficiency, plastic pollution and waste management, noise production, and water management as we are conscious of the environmental impact of all our activities. This understanding has led Saipem to choose a “holistic” approach to continuously enriching environmental awareness, and to promoting a step change in our “Corporate and Individual Mindset”, by involving all levels of the organization.

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Both environmental awareness and behavioural change programs are integrated in our leadership programs, with the aim of creating “agents of change”, not only within our Organisation, but also with our clients, suppliers and all the players in our value chain. World Environment Day celebrations are just one of the ingredients of the recipe.

With specific attention being paid to Climate Change and to the requirements of the Paris Agreement (COP 21 of 2015), Saipem plans to progressively reduce its dependence on the fossil fuel business while also acting as an innovative Solutions Provider to support clients in identifying the best low carbon approaches and technological solutions.

In February 2021 Saipem communicated its first emissions objectives set for the medium – long term to the markets, announcing a 50% reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 total GHGs emissions by 2035 (versus the baseline of 2018). In relation to Scope 2, the target foresees the achievement of Net Zero by 2025.

Group environmental 2021 MBOs are set not only to immediately and progressively reduce emissions tangibly but also to build and sustain a solid Net Zero program and detailed roadmap.

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The Net Zero Program implementation plan will be reassessed periodically and improved continuously, considering new external regulatory and market instances, increasing stakeholder expectations and client requests, as well as new benchmark analyses, technological developments, and energy scenarios on which we greatly depend to speed up our decarbonisation path.

Two elements will allow us to achieve our long-term targets; the reduction of our own emissions and the compensation of “difficult to abate” residual emissions, with priority being given to reduction activities.

Parallel to reducing our own emissions, the main target of our road map, we are also considering compensation of “difficult to abate” residual emissions, through energy efficiency and forest protection Off-Set programs and activities that can support local communities in the areas where we operate, thus creating a dual value in terms of social and environmental benefit.

Last but not least, we need to include the entire value chain in this program.

With regard to scope 3 (indirect emissions) Saipem aims to have a “leading role” in supporting and stimulating suppliers and other players in the value chain to reduce their own carbon footprint. This will gradually influence the whole range of suppliers of materials and services we purchase, as well as all aspects of sustainable mobility.

World Environment Day has been organised every year since 1972 by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

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