Saipem Books World's Largest Vibratory Hammer for Courseulles-sur-Mer OWF – Heavy Lift News
10 Dec 2021

Saipem Books World’s Largest Vibratory Hammer for Courseulles-sur-Mer OWF

Saipem were booked in February this year to deliver 64 large steel monopiles with transition pieces for the Courseulles-sur-Mer offshore wind farm in France, and be installed by the crane vessel Saipem 3000.

Earlier this week Saipem booked Dieseko Group to provide the world’s largest Vibratory Hammer to install the monopiles.

The Calvados OWF is a 450MW offshore wind farm (64 Wind Turbines) and is located approximately 15km north of the city of Courseulles-sur-Mer. The site is found in the Bay of the Seine off the Coast of Normandy in the English Channel. The wind farm will generate enough power to meet the domestic electricity needs of about 630.000 consumers and will have an operational life of about 25 years.

The start of the monopile installation works is expected in the third quarter of 2022.

The project scope for Dieseko includes the rental of the GIANT Vibratory Hammer with an eccentric moment of 2000 kgm and includes an upending system that enables the hammer to be used as a handling system. Included in the rental scope is the experienced Dieseko offshore crew. Advantages of a Vibratory Hammer in comparison with conventional methods include much lower noise levels (no sound mitigation needed), faster handling time and installation/penetration speed.

In 2003 the Saipem 3000 was converted from the crane ship Maxita into a fully redundant DP Heavy Lift vessel by rebuilding the stern section completely and installing a CLYDE 76 model 2,400 st crane. In the converted configuration the monohull vessel has the following dimensions: length 162 m, breadth 38m and depth 9m, self-propelled, with heavy lifting crane, associated to a DP system Class 3.

The Clyde 76 crane had previously been installed on the heavy lift vessel Pearl Marine.

Source Dieseko and Saipem

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