Saipem 7000 Listing Heavily in Stavanger Anchorage - Breaking News – Heavy Lift News
14 Apr 2022

Saipem 7000 Listing Heavily in Stavanger Anchorage – Breaking News

Reports from Stavanger have been received concerning the Saipem 7000 crane vessel which is listing heavily in Stavanger anchorage.

There were 275 persons on board and no injuries have been reported.

The vessel was reported to have left Seagreen OWF off the east coast of Scotland and sailed in the direction of Stavanger.

At 22.30 on Monday the Saipem 7000 arrived at a position about 7km East of the Norwegian island, Vestre Bokn, 28km North West of the city of Stavanger. The vessel remained 7km off of the island until 12.50 yesterday, Wednesday 13th April, when she moved away towards Stavanger where she arrive yesterday afternoon in Åmøyfjorden at about 16.30 GMT according to the Stavanger Port Authorities.

Norwegian police report an explosion being heard at “an earlier time” and the damage is being described as a result of a  “lifting accident”.

Update at 21.30 14th April

Latest reports indicate that the damage occured when a crane cable broke during a load test. A valve to one of the main ballast tanks is also reported to have failed causing the heavy list which has now been stabilised.




Earlier photograph of the Saipem 7000 courtesy of Saipem

Featured Title photograph

Saipem 7000 making a Gulf of Mexico record 11,100t lift in 2019. Photograph courtesy of Saipem

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