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19 Mar 2019

SAGRO Sign Tyra Recycle Contract

SAGRO is pleased to announce that they have signed a contract for the onshore recycling of the Tyra Redevelopment phase 2 structures with Heerema Marine Contractors.

The scope of work consists of the cleaning, demolition, recycling and disposal of multiple topsides, bridges, flare towers, and a jacket with a combined weight of more than 16,000 tonnes and is part of Total E&P Denmark’s Tyra Redevelopment Project. Heerema’s new build vessel, the biggest crane vessel in the world, the Sleipnir will lift the structures onto barges and Module Carriers, which will transport the structures from the Tyra field (Denmark) to SAGRO’s facilities at Vlissingen, the Netherlands.

The cleaning, demolition, recycling and disposal is expected to start in 2020.

This is the second major contract for SAGRO in a short period of time, after being awarded a contract for 10.000 tonnes of structures last October.

SAGRO is building on its role as a qualitative partner in decommissioning offshore installations, with key facilities in Vlissingen. The port’s strategic location is combined with the ability to accommodate heavy-lift vessels and barges, which allows flexible operations for both heavy lift and piece small decommissioning operations.

The location is ideally positioned to meet the needs of the decommissioning industry for recycling and disposal of large structures. The facilities also handles piece small materials, decommissioned cargoes and subsea equipment.

Source SAGRO

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