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13 Mar 2023

SAE ITALIA Adds New Grove GMK6400-1 to Their Fleet

Longstanding Italian Manitowoc customer SAE ITALIA has added another range-topping Grove all-terrain crane to its portfolio.

The latest delivery is a custom-spec GMK6450-1, a six-axle model that shares the same design as the Grove GMK6400-1, but with an increased maximum capacity of 450t.



SAE ITALIA, based in Piacenza, worked closely with Manitowoc’s specialist engineering team at Lift Solutions to fine-tune the crane to its precise needs.

Thanks to its ability to take on jobs typically reserved for physically larger cranes, the GMK6450-1, like the GMK6400-1, features a five-section 60m MEGAFORM® main boom that delivers an impressive 136m tip height when fitted with the optional 25– 79m luffing jib.



Sold through leading Italian dealer FIMI, the crane was adapted to enable further expansion of SAE’s  capabilities and operations across Europe.

SAE’s GMK6450-1 includes the capacity-enhancing MegaWingLift™ attachment, and the MAXbase™ option for variable outrigger positioning. Since delivery it has been in near constant use, said general manager, Michele Albamonte: “We received many bookings for the new crane as soon as customers heard about it. It has been working on a variety of demanding tasks.” These include maintenance work at the thermoelectric plant run by renewable energy giant A2A; a one-month maintenance program at a refinery in Sicily; and a roof installation at a school in Bologna.

With its parent company, SAE Europe, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, and operating other facilities in Sardinia and Slovenia, SAE’s core activities of lifting services, crane rentals (with or without operators), and normal and abnormal transport services are not restricted to mainland Italy.



“Our customer portfolio runs to over 600 companies, and whenever, and wherever, we have been called into action, whether it’s Hamburg, Budapest or throughout Italy, we have always been completely satisfied with our Grove cranes’ performance and versatility – not to mention the aftersales assistance Manitowoc has offered us over the years,” continued Albamonte. “Throughout our longstanding relationship, we must have purchased the whole range of Grove all-terrain and rough-terrain cranes – but our GMK6450-1, with its incredible reach and capacity, not to mention exceptional ease of use, is the highlight of them all.”

The GMK6450-1’s arrival takes SAE ITALIA’s tally of Grove models to 14, joining its GMK3055, GMK4080, GMK4100, GMK5130, GMK5150 and GMK5250L all-terrain cranes, and its RT540 and RT550 rough-terrain cranes.

Source Manitowoc Grove

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