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6 Mar 2020

Ruiz Moving Construction Vehicles on MAX Trailers

Ruiz E. bvba relies on a MAX100 low loader for moves to construction sites. Very versatile and simple solutions are particularly popular for machinery transportation in the construction sector. This is what sets MAX Trailer’s products apart, according to the Belgian company Ruiz.

Ruiz is a new customer for MAX Trailer who successfully operates in the fields of excavation and demolition, with new and demanding tasks arising every day.

The 4-axle MAX100 semi low loader with its friction steering and rear ramps provides them with this flexibility. On Ruiz’ many construction sites, they could not manage without the “MAX”. On a recent mission, the company transported a Liebherr bulldozer model R 936 weighing almost 31t.

Other machines from the Ruiz vehicle fleet move the telescopically extendable semi-trailer from one project to the next.

Source MAX Trailer

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