Royal Wagenborg's Update on Progress of EasyMax # 3 - Video – Heavy Lift News
6 Dec 2022

Royal Wagenborg’s Update on Progress of EasyMax # 3 – Video

90% of all goods and products are transported by sea. This is a daily routine for shipping companies and seafarers.

But for many other people the maritime world remains a mystery.

For this reason, Wagenborg and Niestern Sander have produced this video series looking at the world of shipbuilding and shipping.

Yesterday, 5 December, the first five sections of the third EasyMax vessel to be built, were moved outside at the Niestern Sander shipyard where the parts of the new ship will be assembled. With of a total of almost 1,000 tons, this was a job for Wagenborg Nedlift!



In this video Bert Top explains what is involved for Wagenborg Nedlift, Senior Insurance and Claims Handler, Laura Meijerhof, describes the role of insurance in the construction of the third EasyMax vessel and ship broker, René Postma, looks into the hold where future cargos will be shipped.

Welcome to their monthly ‘EasyMax journal’.



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