Royal Wagenborg Nedlift Deliver Giant OWF Tower Sections for Precision Work at Breman Machinery in Genemuiden – Heavy Lift News
15 Nov 2022

Royal Wagenborg Nedlift Deliver Giant OWF Tower Sections for Precision Work at Breman Machinery in Genemuiden

About 140km off the Norwegian coast a unique floating wind farm is being constructed – the Hywind Tampen floating OWF project. 11 floating wind turbines which will generate 88MW of power for 5 Snorre and Gullfaks offshore oil production platforms



A unique project in many ways, which also involves Dutch input. Breman Machinery is performing specialized machining on the bottom sections of the masts of the wind turbines. These so-called bottom sections will be levelled and provided with the bolt holes necessary for fixing the bottom sections to the floating foundation.




The bottom sections of all 11 turbines were transported from the production site in Bilbao via Rotterdam, to Breman Machinery in Genemuiden in the Netherlands, especially for this work.



This is no small feat. Each section has a height of 10m, diameter of 8.40m and a weight of 180t each!




Levelling the bottom and drilling these bolt holes is therefore a precision job of the highest order, with extreme precision down to +/- two tenths of a millimeter! This is exactly the reason for bringing the sections to Breman Machinery in Genemuiden.



The experts at Breman Machinery have the right expertise, experience and machinery to level and make bolt holes with extreme precision in these giant bottom sections.



Wagenborg Nedlift’s team came in to execute the transport and lifting activities on site in Genemuiden. This involved unloading the bottom sections from the barge using mobile cranes and transporting them to the construction hall.



For unloading the giant sections, the lifting specialists deployed, among others, their new Liebherr 700t capacity crane, the LTM 1650-8.1. Transport was carried out using SCHEUERLE InterCombi SPE modular axle lines.



The same logistic operation was repeated for each of the sections delivered to Genemuiden and for returning with the reverse operation to Bilbao after processing.



Meanwhile, the installation of the offshore floating wind turbines has begun and a number of wind turbines are already operational. The Hywind Tampen wind farm is expected to be fully commissioned next year.


Source Royal Wagenborg Nedlift

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