Rotamar Logistics – Heavy Lift News
24 Jul 2018

Rotamar Logistics

Established in 2003 with the understanding of boutique service, Rotamar Shipping and Logistics Trade. Inc. increasing its scope, productivity and competition with its dynamic structure, experience, professional perspectives and strong staff who can provide quick solutions, now adding Arabian Gulf, North Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia regions to North American service that provided until 2015.

Rotamar with its high experience in national and international markets continues to offer complementary logistics services as well as international transportation from all Turkish ports, centralized in Izmir.

With the Swiss Office, which became active in 2016, it has been opened all over Europe from Europe and has taken an important step in the service network in the name of Globalization.

With more than 90 countries, an extensive network of agencies and long-term contracts, Rotamar shares its operational and cost advantages with its customers and business partners and has managed to become one of the leading companies that have passed the win-win principle.

Our mission

To ensure that our valued customers receive quality and boutique services.

Our vision;To become a national brand in the logistics sector with our qualified workforce.