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24 Jan 2023

Rosslauer Shipyard’s 4-axle Eco1000 Working out of the Yard

The Rosslauer shipyard has been transporting steel construction parts at their yard with their new 4-axle Eco1000. However the word about their new Eco 1000 has quickly spread, because now they are being asked to perform transport tasks outside of the works site.

Recently a gigantic crane beam from Kranbau Köthen was standing waiting at the heavy load terminal in the port of Aken on the Elbe, just over 10km from their yard. The historic port has stationary crane equipment for up to 270t which enables a combined transhipment of up to 600t.



The 4-axle Eco1000 Long Frame from the Rosslauer Schiffswerft was used to transport a 140t beam with a length of 58.6m. The positioning of the 140-tonne load was of the utmost importance, because of its length. This led to the beam protruding from the front of the Eco1000 by 21.78 metres and 25.17m on rear – an unusual situation for both the machine and its operator.

“Due to the high centre of gravity and the payload capacity of the Cometto self-propelled vehicle, particular attention had to be paid to the transverse inclination of the Eco1000 during the journey”, said Cometto’s sales manager Joachim Kolb, describing one of the challenges. “The driver, Thomas Bräuer, was helped by the automatic level control, allowing him to take a more relaxed approach to the whole thing.” With the necessary fine touch on the joystick of the remote control, the professional accordingly covered the transport route safely.



“Thanks to the vehicle DWG drawings from Cometto, we were able to easily plan the in the office on the CAD system”, said Jonas Hohmann, Production Manager at RSW, describing the smooth preparation. “The examination and representation of the transport job and the design of the loading aids were the prerequisites for being able to implement something so special without stress. This way we arrived at the job site ideally prepared.”

Exactly … propelled to the MAX!

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