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31 Jan 2020

Rometal Spreader Ready for Next Contract

A heavy lift spreader constructed by Rometal BV for specific lifting operations on the Belgian Northwester 2 offshore wind farm in 2019 is back in their yard after a successful first contract.

The spreader has a load capacity of 1.400t and is adjustable from 16m to 24m. It ensures the safe and fast lifting of monopile foundations for the offshore wind farms.

After the completion of the Belgian wind farm contract the spreader was brought back to Rometal’s yard in Rotterdam. It is now ready to start the next commission, booked to start soon.

Monopiles are not limited to 1.400t and therefore Rometal have an adjustable spreader in development with a 3.000t maximum lift capacity.

The offshore wind energy industry is breathing fresh air into the heavy lifting sector. Not only are there many more lifts being carried out, but they are being executed more safely and faster than was envisaged only 10 years ago.

The drive towards reducing the cost of installation as part of lowering the overall cost of offshore generated wind energy has powered innovation to new levels. The lifting operations carried out during wind farm installation and construction are repetitive. The installation of each monopile, transition piece, tower, nacelle and blade is almost a carbon copy of the one before and after. This has led the industry to find new solutions.

In order to make these repetitive heavy lifting operations safe and faster engineers and fabrication yards, such as Rometal, are developing new techniques and equipment to meet the new standards being set by this industry.

Source Rometal

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