Rometal Delivers BM Feeders to Barge Master – Heavy Lift News
22 Jun 2023

Rometal Delivers BM Feeders to Barge Master

Rotterdam based Rometal Constructive Solutions has recently completed the production of heavy pieces of equipment that will soon be helping to safely install wind turbines on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean – offshore USA.

Designed by another Rotterdam based company, Barge Master BV, the BM-Feeder Heavy and the BM-Feeder Standard provide motion compensated platforms. With significant wave heights of over 2m, the BM-Feeders enable the safe lifting of wind farm towers and components from a pontoon feeding an offshore installation vessel working in a new offshore wind farm.

An obvious advantage of feeding the installation vessel is that it remains in the nascent wind farm area, possibly >100kms from mainland USA, safely installing the components 24/7.

It also means that the installation vessel is in international waters and therefore avoiding any national vessel registration regulation.


Under construction at Rometal Constructive Solutions


Rometal Constructive Solutions received the award to build the BM-Feeder in August 2022 and in April, the order completed, they shipped the new BM-Feeder Heavy to Antwerp. Here it will be primed for the task ahead feeding installation vessels offshore from the East coast of the U.S.A.


The BM-Feeder Heavy and the BM-Feeder Standard almost ready for shipping to Antwerp


This is a successful solution designed by Barge Master in the Netherlands and produced by Rometal Constructive Solutions in the Netherlands to safely deliver wind turbine components and towers efficiently to the USA’s offshore wind farms. National and international cooperation helping to deliver clean energy while reducing costs and CO2 emissions.


Source HLN / Rometal

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