Rometal Constructive Solutions Take Delivery of New 4-axle Cometto Eco1000 – Heavy Lift News
6 Jun 2024

Rometal Constructive Solutions Take Delivery of New 4-axle Cometto Eco1000

Dutch company Rometal Constructive Solutions has become another new customer to place its trust in the Eco1000 self-propelled transporter from Cometto. Rometal not only appreciates the high performance, but also the workmanship of this compact heavy-duty module.

‘A key factor in the purchase was the complete metallisation of the vehicle,’ says Piet Alblas, Managing Director at Rotterdam based Rometal, explaining one of the reasons for the purchase. This surface protection makes the Eco1000 resistant to corrosion in tough everyday working conditions and ensures a long service life.



The 4-axle Cometto Eco1000 with the 85kW Power Pack and a payload of 171t is now responsible for transporting heavy steel components within the Rometal plant. But that’s not all: from now on, the self-propelled transporter will also move them to the respective installation place on the construction site.



The Eco1000 has already made a remarkable stopover. At INTERMAT 2024 in Paris, it was one of the Faymonville Group’s much-noticed exhibits. It then headed straight for the Netherlands, where the baptism of fire for the 8.80 metre long vehicle was about to begin.

After detailed training for the drivers, the task was to transport a steel pipe with a diameter of 1.50 metres and an impressive length of 44m. ‘We’re talking about an overhang of 17.60m at the front and rear of the vehicle for the 86t element,’ says Joachim Kolb, Sales Manager at Cometto, describing the challenge of this premiere. ‘And this is exactly where the automatic level control is the decisive help for the driver to carry out the transport safely.’



Everything went as planned during the first transport and now the Eco1000 self-propelled transporter is an integral part of Rometal’s workflow … propelled to the MAX!



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