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8 Oct 2019

RollDock Fleet to Switch to low Sulphur Fuel

RollDock chooses to switch with the entire fleet to low sulphur marine fuel. With this development, RollDock will not only be fully compliant with the new IMO 2020 Low Sulphur regulation but will also contribute to a better environment. After researching all options, RollDock decided that migration to the use of low sulphur fuel will be the best way to reduce the footprint on the environment.

From January 1st 2020, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) prohibits the use of high sulphur fuels. The new regulation whereby the sulphur content may not exceed 0.5 percent – compared to the current 3.5 percent – must reduce sulphur emissions from shipping and improve the global air quality. RollDock has started the changeover process to the low sulphur fuel. This process will continue until the end of the year and will phase out the high sulphur fuels. The five dock-type vessels, as well as the two module carriers, will sail with a mix of HFO and low sulphur fuel until the end of 2019. This process will enable the vessels to be available for service and keeps a competitive pricing possible.

,,Shipping is a contributor to the global warming of the earth. We are aware of that, so if we sail, we want to do it in the most sustainable and efficient way,’’ says Paul Könst, Chief Operational Officer. ,,High sulphur fuels are not a fuel type we want to support anymore. It’s not the fuel of the future. The sooner we stop using this fuel type, the better. That is why we have not opted for scrubbers or other ways to by-pass the IMO 2020 rule. Scrubbers will reduce air pollution, but the waste will end up in the water or needs to be post processed later.’’

In addition to the clear choice to switch to low sulphur fuel, the vessels are also equipped with fuel consumption monitoring instruments. Paul Könst: ,,We can monitor the consumption of various devices, with the goal to improve our fuel economics and lower the fuel costs. We are looking at options to further improve fuel economics, low friction anti-fouling, wake equalizing ducts and waste heat recovery units. We want to further expand and optimize our communication with clients about the possibilities and savings through slow steaming. RollDock is confident that together with clients and suppliers we know how to contribute to a better environment.’’

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