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8 May 2019

Roll-Lift USA Working at Houston Petro-Chem Plant

The Roll-Lift USA team started the shutdown work on the 1st of April at a petrochemical plant in Houston, Texas. Ten days after the start, the largest lift took place.

Parts of the plant are inactive at the moment, but most of the activities proceed as normal. In between all activities, six cranes of the Roll-Lift fleet are strategically situated to realize the various lifts. On 11 April, the LR1750 lifted the third stage 275,000lbs separator out of the steel structure. ,,Because of the limited space, this is a very precarious job. In addition, the actual weight of some of the loads is unknown, since they could have gained a few pounds during their service life. But it all went very well. After lifting out various vessels and columns, we replaced them by brand-new ones,’’ says Denis Brouwer, President Roll-Lift USA.

In addition to the LR1750, five smaller cranes – a LR1350, two LTR1220s and two LTR1100s – and the necessary rolling equipment are also involved in the work. The first shutdown counts 55 days, during which the Roll-Lift team provides several hundreds of lifts per crane. A task that takes place 24/7, while our team works in two shifts. The second shutdown is expected to follow right after finalizing the first shutdown.

Our client maintains a high safety standard on site. Besides full PPE, including fire retardant coveralls and a compulsory H2S meter, additional precautions are being taken. Denis Brouwer: ,,For instance, the wooden mats that are under the LR1750 are covered in those areas where we normally lift those mats. Not a standard feature that I have seen before. Our client goes the extra mile! As a team we are happy that we can work as safe as possible, which is in line with the safety culture within Roll Group.’’

Source Roll-Group

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