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5 Aug 2019

Roll-Lift Raises the Raiders’ Roof

The largest crane of the Roll-Lift USA fleet – the LR 11350 – is involved in the building of the brand-new Raiders stadium in Paradise, Nevada, since January. At this moment, all parties work hard to be ready for the first American football match of the Oakland Raiders in 2020. From that moment on they will be called the Las Vegas Raiders.

The LR 11350 cooperates with twelve cranes from two other hoisting companies. The LR 11350 takes care of the largest lifts during this project, as the roof trusses that are being installed by this crane, weight 750,000 lbs. ,,Which brings the crane to 95 percent of its lifting capacity at given configuration and installation radius,’’ marks Roll-Lift Supervisor Danny Hazen. ,,Due to the unusual shape of the roof, it is very difficult to determine the centre of gravity, so a sophisticated sling adjustment system is being used. The sling length can be adjusted while the load is suspended by the crane hook. This allows for a levelled lift for each of the roof trusses.’’

Supervisor Danny Hazen is not only taking care of safely installing the trusses on their final resting points with the LR 11350. He also operates the crane of a ‘befriended’ company, lifting on the other side of the stadium. And it will become more busy as two more Roll-Lift USA cranes are coming to the stadium soon. The LTR 1100s are able to get inside the stadium. This is necessary to assist with the tensioning of the enormous canvas that serves as a roof. The LTR1100’s will be used to install strand jacks within the stadium grounds (on the pitch), these strand jacks are used to pull and tension the Teflon roofing material that covers the stadium. That will be a major step towards a wonderful new Raiders stadium.

Source Roll Group

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