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11 Apr 2019

Roll-Lift and YCI-M1 Project Progressing Further

Roll-Lift USA recently completed the road transport of 12 cargo pieces from the Port of New Orleans to the YCI plant in Louisiana. This accomplishes the delivery of cargo to the project site for Roll-Lift USA.

Roll-Lift USA is also awarded the onsite lifting and installation of the YCI-M1 project. The largest crane within Roll-Lift’s fleet, the Liebherr LR11350, currently working on the construction of the new Raiders stadium in Las Vegas, will be utilized for the installation of the project equipment.

The constructors are waiting for the last eight pieces of cargo for YCI-M1 plant to arrive. These pieces will be transported by a third party over the road due to prolonged Mississippi River high water levels. Also Roll-Lift has handled high-water levels. Last summer, after months of waiting for appropriate water levels for transportation over the Mississippi River levee, Roll-Lift USA barged 17 pieces of project cargo, via the Mississippi River to the methanol plant MOF in Louisiana.

Flexibility was needed to achieve this stage, as Roll-Lift USA already received and unloaded the first group of barges in March of 2018. Due to the high-water levels of the Mississippi river, it was impossible to unload the equipment from the barges. As a result, the equipment was unable to go directly to the site of the project. Therefore, Roll-Lift USA arranged a temporary storage facility in Louisiana. Two months later, the water levels reached approved levels and preparations were made to receive the next barges. The project should have then continued in June. However, the water levels were again too low, and the waiting game started all over again.

The 12 pieces of cargo recently transported over the road had a loaded height of over 17ft. To achieve this road transport, Roll-Lift USA utilized their Scheuerle 9 Axle Highway Trailer, two 11 Line Scheuerle Highway Giant Dual Lane Trailer and 18 lines of Kamag K25 Trailer. It required extensive coordination with local government agencies and the utility company. Denis Brouwer, President of Roll-Lift USA, adds: “It’s a great opportunity for our company to show how we perform, especially in these kinds of combined projects with road transport and onsite installation. But most of all, we showed that we can handle unexpected circumstances and are fully adaptable.’’

Source Roll-Group

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