Roll Group Sets Up Roll Africa Region – Heavy Lift News
13 Feb 2023

Roll Group Sets Up Roll Africa Region

Roll Group is growing and will now also be able to serve its clients with shipping, transportation, lifting and installation of heavy/oversized cargo across the African continent.



From left to right: Harmen Tiddens, Peter Rondhuis, Patrick van der Meide


During BreakBulk Middle East, Roll Group has announced that two industry experts will set up and lead the new Roll Africa Region, namely Mr. Patrick van der Meide and Mr. Harmen Tiddens.

Roll Group’s CEO, Mr. Peter Rondhuis, explains: “Patrick and Harmen are a great match with Roll Group, as they have a strong track record in heavy lifting and transportation as well as maritime services and shipping. And importantly they also have experience in Africa and a passion for the continent. Roll Group is keen to serve our clients across the world, and after our establishment in the Americas, Asia and the Middle-East many clients approached Roll Group if we can assist with their heavy transport challenges in Africa. As we would strive every day to execute safe operations at the highest’s industry level we needed experience and solid understanding of this expanding market and are glad to have Patrick and Harmen on board. Together we have a long-term view and are committed to Africa.”

With a network spanning the whole continent of Africa, Roll Group will work closely together with selected local partners.


Source Roll Group

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