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22 Aug 2019

Roll Group Sets Sight on APEC Region

Roll Group aims its arrows at the APAC region with the opening of the offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Korea. It is the next step in the strategy to expand the land-based business and to focus even more on combined land-sea projects.

Roll Group is proud to announce that Robin Koenis, one of the most senior heavy lift and transportation experts in APAC, accepted the role of Managing Director for Roll Group in the APAC region. ,,Robin Koenis has a remarkable track record for over 22 years in the Middle East and Asia and is a common name in the heavy lifting and transportation world,’’ remarks Adriaan Aarts, CEO Roll Group.

Next to Robin Koenis, Roll Group hired further sales staff and experienced engineers to be able to compete in the top of the market. Roll Group APAC has invested in Scheurele SPMT lines and will be directly deployed in a project in APAC. It is the first brand-new equipment purchased for this specific region, with additional a fleet of cranes being shipped into the region.

The APAC team works from the regional APAC headquarters based in Singapore. Besides Singapore, Roll Group has opened offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Korea. Robin Koenis: ,,Many subcontractor offices are located in Singapore and the APAC region is characterized by strong chemical and shipping industry clusters, so we need to be here.’’

For Roll Group, the presence of fabrication yards that are being used for building modules for modular construction or petrochemical and power facilities is very interesting. ,,With our Factory to Foundation solution we are the partner on land and sea, as we have the assets and expertise to install and transport heavy modules and many other types of cargo all around the world. From now on we operate from three strategic hubs: Rotterdam, Houston and Singapore.’’

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