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13 Dec 2018

Roll Group presents the Detachable Base Frame

With Roll Group’s present on both land and sea, they are often engaged by offshore wind farm stakeholders to improve the logistical process, reduce costs and to decrease risks. In close collaboration with manufacturers and marshaling ports, Roll Group has developed a Detachable Base Frame for the transport of transition pieces with the use of their SPMT’s.

How it works

The transport frame is a smart design which allows the work to be carried out at ground level and avoids the need for heavy crawler cranes. The lower suspended girders are adjustable to adapt to the desired dimensions depending on the TP diameter or support positions. The ‘gate’ is controlled by hydraulic cylinders driven by the powerpack connected to the SPMT.

Roll Group’s first system is designed for a transition piece of maximum 600 ton in weight and will be operated by 28 axle lines of SPMT – maneuvering on a footprint of approximatly 20x15m.

The USP’s 

1. Detachable base frame allowing SPMT’s to be deployed for other activities.

2. Minimal impact on storage area with vertical ‘gate’.

3. Adjustable suspended girders to adapt to your needs.

Source Roll Group

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