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23 Mar 2023

Roll Group Invest in New Large Gantry System

large Gantry system is pleased to announce their investment of a large Gantry system  The Gantry system is currently being fabricated and will be operational mid this year. As Roll Group has significant experience with smaller gantry systems, this next logical step will allow the company to better serve clients in their heavy lifting challenges while raising the bar of Roll Group’s lifting capacity.



The gantry system consist of various components that can be fitted together in various configurations. With the flexible and robust design, the height, width, capacity, and shape can be varied to match the project. Therefore, the final construction can be adjusted to suit the client’s project. The gantry system will be fully Lloyds certified in design, fabrication and testing to match with Roll Group’s high safety and quality standards.




Roll Group’s CEO, Mr. Peter Rondhuis, explains, “With this gantry system we can further grow in the heavy lift industry as this system will allow us to enter the market of the bigger land-based projects as the gantries are often combined with crane and SPMT scopes.

Besides this, Roll Group can offer a full factory-to-foundation solution by combining our fleet of heavy transport vessels, SPMTs, cranes and gantry systems. This reduces overall risks for our clients and provides a single point of contact for the whole operation.”

The system can be used in various markets. For its initial project in the Petrochemical industry it can be used for the installation of tall reactors, over 100m in length and over 2000t heavy without the use of external guywires. In the renewable market, the system can be of use for the integration of jackets or the load out of offshore wind floaters. Further, the system is ideal for the installation of goliath cranes, as the temporary support structure for modules or bridges during transport or weighing, as the heavy support for weighing of offshore modules and much more.

Source Roll Group




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