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4 Jul 2024

RHC Lifting Completes High-Tech Crane Installation for Suez Waste Transfer Site in London

in April 2024 the temporary roof twas removed, and old ctheranes lifted out,

Lifting specialists RHC Lifting Limited have successfully installed two fully automated handling cranes at SUEZ’s waste transfer site on Victoria Road, London. This major upgrade was accomplished over 18 months and will significantly enhance operations at the facility, which processes 140,000t of household waste annually from four West London Boroughs.

Commissioned in the 1980s, Victoria Road now boasts two state-of-the-art, 8t waste cranes, replacing the two original 1978 manually driven 7.5t Morris waste cranes which had become obsolete.In 2022, RHC Lifting won the contract to remove the existing cranes and supply and install two fully automated waste cranes to bring the waste handling at Victoria Road into the 21st century, whilst limiting the impact on the waste transfer operation. This upgrade ensures faster, safer and more reliable waste handling, with the cranes operating at impressive speeds: 78m/min hoisting, 30m/min cross travel, and up to 100m/min long travel.

RHC Lifting selected Fayat to manufacture the two new 8t waste cranes and their control system. Working closely with the factory in France, RHC Lifting ensured the new cranes met the requirements of SUEZ. Key innovations included on-crane control equipment, Vahle power and encoder conductor bars, and a Siemens Scalance wireless system, significantly simplifying the installation process and reducing downtime.


The new control room and control desk.


The cranes are controlled from a new control room located within the administration block. Using 50” monitors showing the view from the bunkers, hoppers, tipping hall and yard, the user is able to select the modes of the cranes, including fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation as required to operate the site. Live 4K footage is displayed from 10 Mobotix cameras, including two thermal cameras for fire risk detection.


Removal of the 1978 7.5t Morris waste crane


To minimise disruption, the project faced tight installation windows, including a planned two-week shutdown in April 2023 to install a temporary steel roof and a three-week shutdown in April 2024 to enable the temporary roof to be removed, old cranes lifted out, new cranes lifted in and a new roof section put in place. Despite the challenges, including the site’s proximity to an RAF base and busy railway lines, the new cranes were installed, tested, and operational within the 21-day shutdown period in April, transitioning to fully automatic mode within an additional two weeks.


Installation of the new 8t waste cranes.


Philip Goodway, RHC Lifting’s Director and Project Manager for this job, said: “RHC Lifting has been involved in the installation of many overhead grab cranes but this was our first project modernising cranes in an existing plant. This project had many challenges, but RHC Lifting provided SUEZ with innovative solutions throughout. This project can be used as a template for the future modernisation of waste-handling plants.”


The new cranes are fully installed into the waste bunker.


SUEZ’s Processing Contract Manager for the site, Javier Cordon said: “We are delighted with RHC Lifting’s solution, resulting in two advanced cranes at Victoria Road. The project ran smoothly due to a good working relationship between all parties, and the installation was completed in an effective and timely manner, despite challenging timescales. This installation is already making a positive impact and marks a significant leap forward in waste management technology at the site, enhancing efficiency and safety for years to come.”

The site has reported a 20% increase in waste handling throughput after the first full week of the cranes running in fully automatic mode.


Featured Title photograph

The installation of the new 8t waste cranes through the 10m x 9m section of the flat roof





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