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27 Apr 2019

Remote Load Manager Improving Safety

Technology company Verton Australia has delivered its first revolutionary remote load-management system designed to improve safety and boost productivity to national crane hire company Universal Cranes.

Verton said its new R-series load management system improves safety and productivity for crane operations by eliminating the need for human-held taglines to control suspended loads.
Universal Cranes group managing director Albert Smith noted crane operations still require workers to collect and guide the taglines, which increases the risk of serious or fatal workplace incidents.

“We’re very excited to be able to use the R-series load-management system, which we believe will dramatically reduce the risk of accidents by ensuring no human contact is required for managing suspended loads,” he said. “With the R-series, tag line use and associated workloads are removed. Workers will no longer be near or under moving loads.”
Verton said the product could be applied to suspended loads of all sizes and across numerous industries including engineering, construction, general cargo shipping, resource development, defence and mining.

“This world-first technology will revolutionise suspended load-management for the transport, construction and mining industries and also many other sectors,” claimed company CEO Trevor Bourne.

Founder and CTO Stanley Thomson said the R-series would reduce the time each load needs to be suspended in the air by 50 per cent and cut load transit times by 25 percent: “This is the biggest improvement in productivity since the crane was invented. We estimate that implementation of the R-series will save worksites millions of dollars over its lifetime with payback possible within a year. These are significant advantages in our increasingly competitive industries,” he continued.

Featured Title Photograph : left to right: Albert Smith CEO Universal Cranes and Stanley Thomson Founder of Verton Australia

Source Verton Australia

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