Refugees Rescued By Van Oord's Nexus in the Mediterranean Sea – Heavy Lift News
21 Nov 2022

Refugees Rescued By Van Oord’s Nexus in the Mediterranean Sea

Van Oord’s Nexus has rescued 49 refugees in the Mediterranean sea. The cable-laying vessel was contacted by the Malta Rescue Coordination Centre last week to give support, in the worsening weather conditions of the night of 16-17 November.

It is unknown for how many days the refugees, all men, were on the sea journey. Their origin is also unknown, due to language barriers. All 49 refugees appear to be in good health but weakened, and some were hypothermic. The Nexus crew provided them with food and warm drinks and a safe location on deck.

The Nexus – with 27 crew members – proceded on its way to Malta, where a transfer to the Maltese coastguard was planned for the evening of November 17.

Source Van Oord

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