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18 Jun 2018

Reflective Anchor Lines for Asian Hercules III

18 June, 2018

Leading maritime ropes producer and supplier, Lankhorst Ropes, has supplied Lanko®force with Dyneema® jacket anchor lines for the 5,000 ton floating sheerleg crane Asian Hercules III.

The Lanko®force anchor lines moor the barge during lifting operations; the rope’s low stretch provides a high level of stability while the sheerleg crane is operating. The vessel’s ropes also feature a reflective tape braided into the Dyneema® jacket giving the rope greater visibility, enabling the crew to work safely for longer.

Lankhorst assisted Boskalis with onboard installation of the Lanko®force ropes. Commenting Hans Pieter Baaij, commercial director, Lankhorst Ropes said “Using Lankhorst’s mobile tensioner our experienced team installed the anchor lines onto the sheerleg’s winches at the correct tension. Utilising a pre-tensioner ensures a longer service life by preventing the rope digging in and damaging itself.”

“Lankhorst provided Boskalis with the necessary information and engineering for applying Dyneema® mooring ropes onto the Asian Hercules III. Flexibility in setting up the spooling operations resulted in a smooth mobilization of the Dyneema® ropes onto the mooring winches.

The crew was provided with an introductory training on the properties of the material and do’s and don’ts of working with Dyneema®. All together fully prepared for the job at hand,” said Jeroen Jacobs, Lead Engineer for Boskalis.

Proven Performance

Lanko®force’s 12 strand braided design is well-proven in maritime applications demanding high strength and provides an excellent alternative to heavy and lumbersome steel wire ropes, where manual handling of the rope is required. While Lanko®force’s Dyneema® jacket additionally provides the rope with excellent abrasion and UV resistance.

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