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28 Jun 2021

Record Transformer Transport Project for Macau with Wangfoong Transportation

This has been the most remarkable transport project ever in Macau, namely the heaviest transformers to be delivered in Macau by Wangfoong Transportation, the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) member to the  for Hong Kong. Their project team spent more than a year in planning from logistics engineering to final operation.

Under COVID-19, numerous challenging factors includes quarantine for project crews, equipment mobilization with import and export formality, overcome the site restrictions, closely working with clients at the site, and unexpected delay of mother vessel in final port, which got managed and all issues controlled and solved ensuring the delivery of the transformers and reactors on time.

Cargo details:

  • Transformers and reactors:
    • 4 units of:
      • 10.4 x 3.45 x 3.95 m,
      • 187t, total 748t
    • 2 units of:
      • 6.4 x 3.3 x 4.2 m,
      • 82t, total 164t
    • Accessories:
      • 213 crates total around 1700m³

Wangfoong’s scope of work consisted of: 

  • Cargo receiving from mother vessel in Hong Kong and deliver to Macau
  • Cargo lashing, space arrangement of feeder vessels
  • Equipment mobilization includes feeder vessels, floating crane barge, SPMT, heavy trailers
  • Port and import / export formality in Macau
  • Transformers and reactors loaded by floating crane barge onto the SPMTs at Macau port
  • Overnight delivery on SPMT’s from Macau port to destination site with police escort
  • Unload and position of transformers by hydraulic jacking system and turn table
  • Final shifting for 187 ton and 82 ton without crane, within 1 cm allowance.


Source WWPC and Wangfoong Global Logistics


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