Receiving and transportation of 152 modules, Oman – Heavy Lift News
21 May 2018

Receiving and transportation of 152 modules, Oman

21 May 2018


ALE has completed the receiving of 152 modules and the transportation of 82 modules, weighing between 90t-1,300t, in Sohar, Oman.

Services Required

ALE received the details of the modules with very short notice so preparations for receiving and transporting them had to be completed swiftly.

ALE had to overcome several challenges during this operation including tight shipping and delivery schedules, as well as the need to conform with the strict heavy transportation regulations at Sohar Port. To overcome this, ALE decided to unload the vessels in the port during the day and then perform the transportation during the permitted hours overnight.

ALE unloaded the modules from 13 vessels at Sohar Port using 72 axle lines SPMT. They were received from the ships’ hooks and jacked-down on to stools. All of the items under 250t were transported 24km to an industrial plastic complex using 28 axle lines of conventional trailer.

As ALE was permitted only four hours per night for transportation, they completed two journeys each night in order to speed up the overall delivery schedule.

Among the items received was a 1,300t bullet, which was the heaviest item ever received in Oman.

ALE completed the operation in approximately six months. SOURCE: ALE

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