Rambiz and Gulliver in Hanøytangen – Heavy Lift News
1 Mar 2019

Rambiz and Gulliver in Hanøytangen

This morning the following report dated Friday March 1 has been issued by the Royal Norwegian Navy :
The tow was moored at Hanøytangen at. 12:30 Thursday. An underwater drone (ROV) verified that the lifting chains that hold the vessel still sit firmly in place after the tow was finished. This initiated further preparations before water evacuation could commence. Last night at… 18:30, permission was given by the coastal Agency to further implement water evacuation from the vessel. Due to a large focus on the environment during this phase, all environmental initiatives were prepared before further work could be initiated.

Some diesel oil leakage was detected in the sea in the night and tanks were connected to the pumps to avoid further discharge from the specific area of the vessel. The diesel oil leakage is intercepted by absorbent oil booms established around the frigate.

A number of priority equipment has been taken out of the vessel and an attempt to preserve this equipment is proceeding.

During the day today, the barge to transport the vessel to Haakonsvern, BOABARGE33, will be prepared for the docking of the frigate. There is a good weather in the area today, but the weather will degrade towards the end of the weekend.

The video of the condition of the interior of the vessel was also released this morning.

The title featured photograph and the 3 photographs below showing the Rambiz and Gulliver moored in Hanøytangen with the KNM Helge Ingstad still supported were released at the same time.

Source and Photographs Royal Norwegian Navy and the Ministry of Defence




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