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5 Nov 2020

Raimondi MRT159 Flat Top Tower Crane at Work With Mevaco Bouwbedrijf

Installation of the Raimondi R16 Crane Cabin

Mevaco, a Belgian construction company with more than 40 years of experience in the infrastructure sector, has erected a Raimondi MRT159 flat-top tower crane on a major jobsite in the Belgian village of Aalter.

The tower crane is now at hard work helping to construct a substantial residential complex in Aalter, which is located in the East Flanders province between the two historical cities of Ghent and Bruges. Upon completion, the complex will consist of two residential blocks, each consisting of 18 apartments built from high-quality materials.

“Between September 2019 and May 2020, we purchased three Raimondi cranes to bring our product portfolio of heavy lifting equipment to 21. We are currently working across three different projects with our new Raimondi topless tower cranes, and we decided to install one of the MRT159s for the Aalter jobsite. Our decision to use Raimondi cranes for the projects is due to the quality, craftsmanship and excellent value of the products from this Italian heritage manufacturer,” stated Mr. Stijn Meerschman, Technical Director at Mevaco Bouwbedrijf.

“The MRT159 at work in Aalter perfectly fits the jobsite requirements. Indeed, considering the jobsite dimensions and the length of the project, we are looking at a crane that is reliable in terms of downtime, resistant to different temperatures and with good lifting capacity. Equipped with a hoisting winch power of 30kW and a Deluxe R16 Crane Cabin, the MRT159 8tn was erected with a 60-meter jib within one day in May 2020 and will remain at work until July 2021. Therefore, considering that the flattop tower crane is going to work across different climate environments, from the cold Belgian winter to the warm spring season, we needed a durable item of heavy machinery,” explained Meerschmaan.

The Raimondi MRT159 flattop tower crane guarantees good mechanical performance even at temperatures as low as -20°C, retaining its structural integrity in cold climates. Additionally, the special lubricant oil for the gearbox and for the resistors ensures the correct and safe function of the winches even at construction sites challenged by low temperatures.

The flattop MRT159 remains one of the bestselling products of its type in Europe due to its versatility and durability.

Source Raimondi

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