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26 Aug 2019

Progress of the World’s Largest WTG Installation – Video & Photographs

The world’s larget wind turbine generator, the Haliade-X, a 12MW WTG, arrived in Rotterdam almost 2 weeks ago on 15 August. This prototype will be installed onshore in a marine environment on the quay side of the SIF Terminal in the Maasvlakte 2 industrial area. As reported on 15 August here, the wind turbine will be placed here to simplify access for testing. The plan is for a 5 year for period of testing and a 15 year full services operation and maintenance term.

The founder Richard Krabbendam was there last week to take photographs and a video showing what progress has been made.. The video and the  photographs published today show that the tower was at time well over half complete with the final tower section and nacelle nearby ready for installation.


The final tower section and nacelle can be seen in the bottom left corner of this photograph



All photographs and video courtesy of Richard Krabbendam

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