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24 Aug 2018

Progress at New Lock System in the Netherlands

The new Lock Gate is lifted on to the rollers Photpgraph –

Date 24 August 2018

A milestone passed in the construction of the 3rd chamber of the Beatrixsluis, the new lock system at Nieuwegein, on the inland waterway between Amsterdam and the river de Lek, the Netherlands, on August 23. The contractor resposible for the building project, Sas van Vreeswijk, successfully placed the first lock gate on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat. 

The first two 490t doors were delivered on a pontoon through the inland waterways from the quay at the Mammoet base in Schiedam to Nieuwegein on Wednesday. Early on Thursday morning, 23 August, a crane lifted the door and lowered it on to the roller under carriage that will be used in the future operation of the locks

Jacco Kwakman, the Environment Manager at Sas van Vreeswijk: “We had already done the hoisting with this crane when we had to put the doors from the quay at Mammoet on the barge, but the precision work that was necessary in the last part, we did for the first time. this is a special day “.


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