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7 Jun 2024

Product Training for Irish and Italian Field Experts at Raimondi Cranes HQ

Raimondi Cranes welcomed a delegation of field experts from Italy and Ireland for technical in-house product trainings at company headquarters in Arluno, Milan. The two distinct seminars focused on different aspects of the machinery and more.


A delegation of field experts from Italy touring the factory during the product training


Central to the first seminar was a deep dive into ConCore, Raimondi’s control system designed and developed in-house, specifically designed for the T Series.

Attended by Italian field technicians, including Nuova Age staff, the training combined several activities troubleshooting, data analysis and display settings. Nuova Age recently took delivery of its first Raimondi T97, and built on their practical and theoretical knowledge with the seminar.

Tailored learning sessions on crane commissioning, calibration, and wiring diagram, enabled participants to unlock ConCore’s main features and applications; crucial aspects to optimize product’s performances, enhance operational efficiency and safety.


Raimondi seminars aim to equip participants with both theoretical and practical knowledge


The second product training, attended by six members of the Raimondi official dealer of Ireland, Irish Cranes, was designed and developed to address the needs of the marketplace. Attendees had the opportunity to attend sessions on the inverter, interface functionalities, as well as to simulate remote connections for practical tests.


Irish Cranes team members attended a tailored seminar, addressing the needs of the marketplace


Participants were also introduced to the T Series and the enhanced diagnostic system of ConCore, unlocking the full potential of Raimondi-developed technology.






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