Pre-assembly of offshore wind components, Northern Ireland – Heavy Lift News
11 May 2018

Pre-assembly of offshore wind components, Northern Ireland

11 May 2018


ALE has successfully completed the pre-assembly works for 51 offshore wind turbines, for the Walney Extension offshore wind farm in Belfast.


Services Required

ALE utilised one 750t capacity, two 300t capacity and one 1,200t capacity cranes to discharge and assemble the 51 wind turbines at Belfast Harbour.

The wind turbine components comprised of nacelles and towers sections. The components were discharged from a delivery vessel and then transported to a temporary storage area on a variety of trailers, suited to each specific component. ALE used 8 axle lines of SPMT, 12 axle lines of SPT for site movements of the tower sections and nacelles.

The blades were moved around site on ALE’s blade transportation system which was specially designed in-house by ALE to carry the blades. This was the first time this transport system has been utilised.

As part of ALE’s four-year crane framework agreement, ALE has been continuously lifting and moving on site and has now completed the full scope for the shore operation, ready for the offshore installation.

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