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5 Mar 2020

Portugal Blue Water Shipping Office IATA Certified

Blue Water office in Lisbon has obtained its IATA certificate. The Lisbon office thereby gained membership of the significant association of IATA Air Freight Forwarding Agents, of which several Blue Water offices are already members.

As IATA agents we can offer our clients an even higher air freight standard and quality. We look forward to strengthening our position within air freight to and from Portugal,” says Hélio Esteves, Managing Director, Blue Water Portugal.

Until now, Blue Water Portugal has handled the air freight activities through a local partnership with an agent, but with the IATA certificate, the team will from now on be better equipped to increase the activities and to comply with the clients’ demands and needs.

“Air freight is not just air freight. As experts, we are familiar with route networks, capacity of the individual types of aircrafts and a lot of other factors that can help our clients prepare the most efficient transport of their goods,” says Hélio Esteves.

IATA – the International Air Transport Association – is a trade association founded by a number of airlines back in the 1940s. Today, IATA contributes to ensuring uniform policies and standards for the air freight industry.

Source BWS

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