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9 Jan 2019

Port of Virginia welcomes four 50-meter cranes

Date 09 January 2019

The Port of Virginia has welcomed the arrival of four 50-meter cranes at its Virginia International Gateway (VIG) container terminal, which will be the largest on the US East Coast. 

The cranes were built in Shanghai by Chinese manufactures Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company (ZPMC) and are part of a $32 million dollar expansion of the Port of Virginia. 

According to the port, the new equipment will enable its VIG terminal to service a higher amount of ships, including ultra large container vessels. The total cost of the order, including delivery from China to Virginia and installation, amounted to $44.8 million. 

The Port of Virgina will now a 30 ship-to-shore cranes at work in its Norfolk Harbour. 

In order to accommodate the cranes, work has taken place at VIG to expand the terminal’s berth, stack yard and rail operations, bringing its annual throughput capacity to 1.2 million TEU. 

Watch the time lapse of the cranes arriving here

Source Port Technology, Photographs Port of Virgina

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