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6 Apr 2020

Port of Rotterdam has a New Railway Bridge


The Port of Rotterdam received a new bridge over the weekend when a new rail bridge was placed across the Rozenburgsesluis.

The plan was to jack the bridge up to six metres on Thursday after which SPMTs from Mammoet would then be installed under the bridge to transport it closer to the final location.

The bridge, built by Iemants in Belgium, comprises 4,500 tonnes of steel, is 176.8 metres long and 30 metres high, and its 20-metre width is spacious enough to accommodate a two rail tracks.

SaVe is a construction consortium made up of BESIX, Dura Vermeer, Mobilis, Hollandia and Iemants and is constructing the substructure of the Theemsweg Route, a 4-kilometre stretch of concrete viaduct and two steel arched bridges, commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

HeavyLiftNews.com will publish more news of the installation as soon as possible.

image courtesy of fotopaulmartens.nl

Source Port of Rotterdam


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