Planning, Skill and Resources Keep Miller Transfer's Shipment on Track - Video – Heavy Lift News
10 Oct 2022

Planning, Skill and Resources Keep Miller Transfer’s Shipment on Track – Video

Miller Transfer recently hauled a large and vital item for a future film project in Georgia. The venture included transporting an 80-foot-long railroad car provided by the Georgia State Railroad Museum through downtown Savannah on narrow roadways and various obstacles. Thanks to our experienced team of project managers, drivers, and the versatile Faymonville trailer, the move was a success.

The Faymonville trailer’s flexibility was essential to navigating the load and keeping us on schedule. Since each trailer’s axles are steerable, our drivers could maintain a clear distance from street signs, traffic lights, parked cars, and, most importantly, downtown Savannah’s historic oak trees. The Faymonville’s hydraulic system was able to keep the heavy load at a minimum height and perfectly level.

Ultimately, the historic railroad car was the star of the show.



Source Miller Transfer

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