Plannerer GmbH Demolish City Centre Silo in 2 Days with SENNEBOGEN 830 E Demolition Excavator – Heavy Lift News
19 May 2023

Plannerer GmbH Demolish City Centre Silo in 2 Days with SENNEBOGEN 830 E Demolition Excavator

As in many cities, there is a permanent need for new parking spaces in Straubing’s city centre. Since dense development already prevails, free spaces are rare. Next to the railway station site was a warehouse silo that was no longer in use, which has now been dismantled piece by piece by the 45t SENNNEBOGEN demolition excavator 830 E and the demolition company PLANNERER. The machine, which had been in use as a rental machine from the SENNEBOGEN rental fleet of the SENNEBOGEN sales company, was equipped with a fully hydraulic quick-change system and demolition tongs to carry out controlled dismantling.



When new things are to be built, old things have to give way.  In this case, a new multi-storey car park that can be used by the surrounding companies and station guests. The SENNEBOGEN 830 E demolition excavator is a reliable partner that can carry out building demolition quickly and efficiently. In total, the SENNEBOGEN machine was in demolition use for two days. For the work in Straubing’s city centre, the PLANNERER company used a SENNEBOGEN rental machine, which was able to convince with many features.



Because blasting or even the classic wrecking ball cannot be used everywhere without problems, the SENNEBOGEN demolition excavators offer many advantages – especially for demanding demolition work in confined spaces. In addition, the targeted deconstruction of an object can contribute to sustainability by recycling demolition materials such as bricks, metals and wood through innovative technology.

The operators present at the demolition site in Straubing were impressed by the machine’s sensitivity and how precisely and quickly it can be operated. The spacious cabin offers plenty of room for relaxed working. Equipped with the elevating Maxcab, which can also be tilted up to 30°, the operator has a clear view of the working area.

The quick change of equipment tools thanks to the optional fully hydraulic quick-change system can be done conveniently from the cab.

After the two days in use in Straubing’s city centre, the machine could be moved on to its next assignment. The demolition company PLANNERER GmbH has been a professional in demolition for 30 years. The company from the northern Upper Palatinate offers its services throughout Germany.




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