Pioneering Spirit Removes Tyra East Alpha – Heavy Lift News
4 Aug 2020

Pioneering Spirit Removes Tyra East Alpha

Allseas’ involvement in the complex Tyra redevelopment project for Total is off to the perfect start with the successful single lift removal of the field’s heaviest topsides. Pioneering Spirit  made light work of the 14,000 tonne Tyra East Alpha (TEA) processing topsides, needing just seconds to execute the lift, equivalent to two Eiffel Towers, early morning 2 August.

During the two-week campaign, the world’s largest construction vessel, Pioneering Spirit, will lift some 27,000 tonnes of steel out of the North Sea’s Tyra gas field and deliver the structures to specialist yards in Denmark and the Netherlands, covering some 2000 miles in the process.

“This project involves multiple lifts of diverse structures and different weights, but this is the big one,” says our project Lead Engineer Marco Chiozzi. “It’s a great feeling when you see all that hard work pay off. A quick 300 mile round-trip to Denmark and in a couple of days, we will be back here to do it all again!”

Located 225 km off the coast of Esbjerg, the Tyra facilities have been at the core of Denmark’s energy infrastructure for 30 years. However, the field requires redevelopment due to subsidence of the depleted reservoirs, which has caused the platforms to sink. The complex project combines the removal and modification of old facilities and installation of new facilities.

Allseas’ scope covers engineering, preparation, removal, transportation, load-in to shore and disposal of the Tyra East Alpha (TEA) and Tyra West Alpha (TWA) topsides and jackets, integrated production facilities (IPF), monopile and two flare jacket modules.

Source Allseas

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