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11 Dec 2018

Pier 70 Frame Moved 30m by Mammoet in San Francisco

Mammoet recently completed the successful transport of a 192.5 ton (385,000 lbs.) steel building frame as part of the Pier 70 revitalization project in San Francisco. Photographs – Sam Burbank / Mammoet

Date 11 December 2018

The building frame was moved to a temporary storage location, where it will be housed while the historic pier undergoes renovations.

Originally the plan was to cut the building frame into separate pieces to be moved into storage, before being moved back to the pier and reassembled once renovations were complete. However, Mammoet proposed moving the building frame in one piece, in order to save time reassembling the frame later and minimizing the risk of working at height. Due to their ease of alignment and operation, Holland Dollies were the perfect fit for this operation.

The building frame was jacked up about 18 centimeters (7 inches) and then rolled 37 meters (120 ft.) using 16 Holland Dollies for the structure, six dollies for bracing and two excavators provided by Silverado Contractors, Inc. Once the pier renovations are complete, the building will be rolled back into position about 3 meters (10 feet) higher, where the frame will become a decorative centerpiece for the new neighborhood. The renovated Pier 70 Waterfront Site will feature new affordable housing, waterfront parks, space for artists and local manufacturing, and rehabilitated historic buildings. Mammoet has the experience and heavy lifting and transport equipment necessary to carefully relocate whole buildings and structures that may lie in the path of new developments. In one such case, Unilever’s new headquarters was successfully placed on top of the existing factory, without impacting operations below.

Holland Dollies, pulled by two excavators, facilitated the move of the Pier 70 building.

Photograph – Sam Burbank /MammoetSource Mammoet

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