Petrobras Gives OOS Tiradentes "Excellent" Performance Evaluation – Heavy Lift News
21 Oct 2019

Petrobras Gives OOS Tiradentes “Excellent” Performance Evaluation

OOS have announced the continuation of their high quarterly performance, following an evaluation by their client in Brazil, Petrobras. The OOS Tiradentes, their semi-submersible accommodation vessel, was graded “Excellent” with an overall score of 95.

With the continuation of these high statistics, OOS prove their consistency and dedication into unceasingly improving services and management of client assets.

The “Contractor Evaluation and Performance Indicator” includes figures on procedures for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ), safety statistics for personnel (Total Recordable Frequency Rates), and daily occurrences recorded in the vessels daily reports. It is nevertheless very important that zero accidents occur, that onboard personnel mobilization disruptions are below 10, and the occurrences of system and/ or equipment failure is reduced to a maximum of 20 items within said quarter.

With this score they demonstrate that OOS International delivers with distinction and will continue to do so. The company would like to thank all onshore and offshore personnel in the achievement of this combined effort to receive this outstanding result!

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